Abhaya Mudra

Yoga postures are helpful in creating awareness. One such yoga posture is Abhaya Mudra. It not only makes you aware and keeps you in the present but at the same time gives you freedom from fear. Abhaya in Sanskrit means fearless, that is, do not be afraid. The history of this yoga posture states that when an elephant was invaded by Lord Buddha, he practiced this mudra to overcome fear and avoid negative energy. Another special thing of this yoga pose is that you can do it at any time of the day. For this you do not even need yoga mats or anything else. Start your morning with Abhaya Mudra and repeat it for 40 days. Practicing it every morning in the morning will keep your day calm Abhay Mudra can also be called fearless currency. Because if Abhaya Mudra is done regularly then fear comes out of the mind. Abhaya Mudra is derived from the Sanskrit word in which Abhay means fearless which means no fear or fear. Abhaya mudra is a yoga pose that generates a sense of awareness. By practicing Abhaya Mudra one gets freedom from fear. You can do this mudra at any time. This mudra is also called a blessing posture because in this mudra the body appears giving blessings. It is said that the Abhaya Mudra was used by Lord Buddha when he was attacked by an elephant and was pacified by this mudra. Know about the ways of doing Abhaya Mudra and its benefits As it is known by its name that it offers Abhay hence its name is Abhaya Mudra. Abhaya and Jnana Mudra can be done simultaneously.You must have seen God blessing them in pictures, that is the Abhaya Mudra. Abhaya mudra is also done by combining fingers and index finger and the posture of blessing is also called abhaya mudra.


First of all, sitting in any sukhasana, keep the palms of both your hands facing the front and near the shoulders. Inhale with the eyes closed deep while doing the Jnana Mudra and leave and feel peace and fearlessness. This is the Abhaya Mudra. It is also called Abhaya Gyan Mudra.


How To Do Khechari Mudra

To perform this mudra, first sit in the posture of Sukhasana.


After this, keep both your hands on the knees.


Bring your left hand to shoulder height.


Then take your arms.


After this, place the right hand next to the body.


Keep in mind that the palm should be upward and fingers should be straight.


Keep the breath normal in this posture.


Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds.


After this, you can bring your hands down.


Benefits of doing Abhaya Mudra Performing the Abhaya Mudra develops a feeling of peace in the mind as well as awakens the desire to do charity.


Man starts to experience peace and power within himself.


Performing the Abhaya Mudra brings a feeling of protective energy and deep spiritual security.


Also with this mudra you can open your chakras and energy gates.


Benefits of Abhaya mudra

By practicing this mudra continuously, there is no fear in the mind. This leads to peace of mind, assurance and philanthropy. The person feels power and peace within himself.