Ashiwini Mudra


Whatever yoga is, it is very beneficial for our health. In order to keep a man’s body healthy and healthy, our sages gave many types of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, easy and postures. They give benefits to our body in some way. Ashwini mudra means “ashva means to do like a horse” The horse keeps opening and closing its gadduar. This is why it is stronger than all other animals. The way the horse repeatedly shrinks and loosens its donkey, similarly the process of shrinking and spreading the donkey is called Ashwini mudra. This is a very easy activity, let’s know how to do Ashwini Yoga and know the benefits of it. You can do this asana in two ways. There is no significant change in both. There are just a few normal changes. Know which way you find it easier. Ashwini mudra keeps you young Just as the Ashwa (horse) loosens its anus repeatedly after inserting it, similarly the action of shrinking and spreading the anus is called Ashwini mudra. This posture is the secret of so much power and agility in a horse.

How To Do Ashiwini Mudra

  • First Process: To do this, you have to sit in the Kagasan state i.e. the way you sit in the toilet. Then pull the donkey and stay for a while in the position of the base and then let loose. Continue this process continuously until you are able to do it as easily as possible and then sit down for a while.

Second Process: This process has some minor changes. To do this, you should lay a blanket or mat on the ground and keep the head in the east direction. Now breathe out and exhale the stomach 2-5 times and expand the vaginal contractions 25 times. After this, breathe again, then leave it outside and place the place to go to the toilet. You can do this process according to your power. Regular practice of this mudra cures all diseases of the anus and increases the strength of the body. This pose removes impotence and is effective in preventing the problem of premature ejaculation. So much strength and agility in a horse is due to this exercise posture. You must have known the consequences of doing this process. Performing this mudra increases age. It is also said that Kundalini is awakened by its practice. By doing this asana, the mind becomes sharp and at the same time the problem of piles and constipation is removed in a pinch. Talking about the Ashwini mudra, the Life Guru safks that as Ashwa (horse) loosens his pudding repeatedly after inserting it, similarly the action of shrinking and spreading the pudding is called Ashwini mudra. This posture is the secret of so much power and agility in a horse. Therefore, the strength of the engine is measured by horsepower. This is anti gravity practice. This increases the energy running the body. All the organs get strength, the strength of the body increases, the impotence goes away and the man power starts increasing. This heart strengthening action is very useful in hernia, urinary defects, anal diseases, piles, constipation and female diseases. Due to its practice, the Kundalini Shakti located in the Muladhara Chakra starts awakening and keeps us young for a long time.

  • Method: Relax and sit in a meditative posture with the eyes closed, keep both hands on the knees in the wisdom posture. Normalize breath speed. Now take out the breath and by pulling the stomach inward, bring the meditation to the anus or bowel movement and pull the anus muscles upwards and leave them loose. Continue this process continuously. After this, fill the breath again and practice it again, leaving the breath out. Practice it as much as you can. This practice can be done up to a hundred times.