Benefits of Meditation

In daily practice samadhi you will become a calm person. You will get peacefull mind in everything you do. Each day you will have a different experience, so do not think about the past, your present will be better. Human’s life is full of stress which affects our day to day activities. Meditation helps reduce stress by affecting the nervous system in your body. Meditation reduces the production of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and increases the production of good chemicals such as serotonin. Due to meditation special changes take place in the internal activities of the body and each cell of the body is filled with Pranatattva (energy). With the increase of spirituality in the body, the communication of happiness, peace and enthusiasm also increases.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

  1. Doctors tell us that stress has a very harmful effect on our physical health. By practicing meditation, our body becomes completely calm and all our stress is removed. Tests show that during meditation our brain waves slow down to work at 4-10 Hz, which gives us a feeling of complete calm. Our body also gets many benefits from this,Such as better sleep, decreased blood pressure, improved immunity and digestive system, and decreased pain sensation. We start getting all these benefits on our own.
  2. Decreased hypertension, reduced lactate in blood, reduced urination / distraction
  3. There is less pain in the body related to stress. Relieves tension-induced headaches, wounds, insomnia, muscle and joint pains.
  4. There is an overproduction of serotonin hormone that improves mood and behaviour
  5. The immune system improves.
  6. Energy level increases due to advancement in internal source of energy

Spirituals Benefits of Meditation

  • I am something to encapsulate this feeling in the infinite effort and consider myself as the indivisible character of the infinite universe.
  • In the state of meditation you are in the expansion of happiness, peace and infinity and this is the quality that the environment provides, thus you are established in harmony with the universe.
  • Meditation can truly bring personal changes in you. The more you know about yourself, the more naturally you will find yourself.
  • It is a completely spiritual experience. Only by concentrating meditation within ourselves can we experience inner spiritual circles and come in contact with God. Thus you can fulfill the real purpose of your life.
  • Jyoti meditation-practice and word meditation-practice are unique genres. They not only benefit the body and mind but also the soul. Our soul, which is part of God, is separated from its source, that is, God. We can return to our real home by practicing the word meditation. By connecting with the powerful light and sound of the Lord within us, our soul is strengthened and we reach more conscious circles. This powerful soul is our true form and is the source of immense knowledge, love and power.
  • Mental Benefits of Meditation
  1. Meditation brings the pattern of brain waves to alpha level, which increases the speed of healing. The brain becomes more beautiful, new and tender than before. Meditation cleanses and nourishes the inner form of the brain. Meditation calms you down whenever you are anxious, unstable and emotionally disturbed. The following are the benefits of continuous practice of meditation:
  2. Reduced anxiety
  3. Improve emotional stability
  4. Increase creativity
  5. Increase in happiness
  6. Instinctive development
  7. Mental peace and clarity
  8. Short of troubles
  9. Meditation makes the brain focused, and extends, providing relaxation.
  10. A sharp intelligence without being extended causes anger, tension and frustration.
  11. An expanded consciousness progresses to indolent / underdeveloped state without sharpness.
  12. Coordination of acumen and extended consciousness brings perfection.
  13. Meditation awakens you that your inner attitude determines happiness.