Diffrent Poses of Meditation

You can choose any stage for meditation according to your convenience. Meditation can be done in any condition like sitting, lying, standing. But all these stages have their advantages and disadvantages. You can do meditation in any stage as per your wish, but it will be good for you that you keep changing your stage by not always doing meditation at any one stage.

Standing Posture

Many people believe that meditation cannot be done standing up. But it is not so. For some people who cannot sit properly with a raise or who cannot lie down for a long time, this condition solves problems. This stage is also best for You can center your face and vision at any place as per your convenience. And yes you can also change the position of your arms as per your convenience. And it is important for you to give comfort to your stomach and lower back.them. To do meditation in this state you have to stand upright and you can join your hands with the help of your art.

Recline Posture

To meditate in this state, you have to lie on one side, and if you lie on the right side, then your right hand is under your head and left hand is straight on your body. it happens. If you want, instead of your right hand, you can also put a pillow under your head. If you have any problem in this situation, then you can choose any other situation according to you

Seated Posture

There are many situations for sitting meditation in meditation. Just as a person feels comfortable by putting on a raise, if someone is able to apply Padmasana, then someone bends his feet and sits in Vajrasana. You can choose the comfortable position for you as per your wish. You can also choose the position of your hands and fingers as per your choice. When you sit and meditate, your chest should be taut and your neck should be balance.

How To Begining

Start Small

When We Meditation practice If we do, we can start it with less time. It has often been seen that whenever a person is asked to meditate, most people do not do it just by thinking that they will not be able to meditate for half an hour. Those people cannot live without thinking for so long. That’s why many people don’t do it at all. In contrast, people who took very little time to meditate, such that only those 5 minutes were able to do it and they gradually increased this time.

Be Petient

Do not expect to reach enlightenment after practicing meditation only once. Practicing meditation teaches you to be patient, but for this you have to be patient in the beginning. So think about what you want without being disappointed.

Set Alarm

Whenever we meditate, we repeatedly open the eyes to see the time. But this is not the right way to meditate. This is just a formality that you have taken care of. If you really want to meditate, set the timer instead of repeatedly opening your eyes. For this you do not have to do anything, just set a timer on your mobile. And of course with this, take care of one thing that you should play some good music. No vine that does not sound good.

Choose Casual Clothes

While meditating you need to take care of one thing that your clothes should be very comfortable. Never meditate by wearing tight clothes and jeans or wearing small clothes. Because meditation is a means of meditation, not meditation. Small clothes can make you feel cold, after a while in tight clothes you will not feel comfortable. For this, always wear loose and full clothes while meditating. Also keep the cushions below you and sit in a place where the environment is good.

Choose Quite Place

Always choose a quiet place to meditate. For this, you can sit in the park in the morning or in your house by burning candles. With this you will be able to concentrate well. And if you are not able to find a quiet place, then no matter what place you place your voice, concentrate more power. This will increase your concentration even more.

Avoid Over Thinkig

Whenever you meditate, avoid thinking too much. I have been able to concentrate for very little time, so many thoughts come to my mind, etc. You do not need to think about all this, just keep meditating, you will not know when you will become expert. Above you have known Meditation Rules in Hindi. After knowing these rules, we hope that many confusions will be reduced from your mind now. Now you too can remove stress from your mind by meditating.