Importance of Meditation

In this run-of-the-mill life today, everyone is surrounded by stress. Today, cut-throat competition is going on in every area, due to which there is a lot of stress in the life of even a small child to a retired person. There can be many reasons for this stress, such as: studies for children, their upbringing for elders, responsibilities of taking care of the house, mutual discord in the family or concern of office or business, etc. That is, no human can say that he is leading a life of worry-free and stress-free life. Successes in every person’s life – failure, loss – gain, happiness – sorrow keep coming. Many people face it with a lot of courage, and many panic and give up. During exams, it can be seen that how children cope with stress and various negative thoughts come to their mind. Thoughts like suicide can also be seen in children with weak heart. Many people give up on minor illness, many do not lose control even in these difficult situations. Why is it that two people react differently in the same situation? According to science, this is due to the immune system of humans. People with weak heart have weak immune system, due to which such people get scared quickly in tension, disease and other conditions. Meditation is the biggest treatment for such people. Meditation means meditation is not only related to science but also to science. Through scientific research, these things have been confirmed that the people doing Daily Meditation are immune system remains strong and at the same time health remains good and memory increases. Through meditation, curiosities and misconceptions can be developed easily. Whenever you think, think and think about any matter with a concentrated mind, it starts to flourish quickly, especially in the direction of changing one’s own nature and habits. Meditation is such an action, which is related to the body, mind and soul, that is, this action is done in harmony with all three. This action (meditation) also has an effect on all three. Before not doing this, take special care that during this time, any kind of harmful, harmful and unhealthy thoughts should not come in your mind.

How to do Meditation

  1. Sit in a quiet place and Do not think anything in your mind.
  2. Leave your body loose and allow the body to vibrate and just feel it.
  3. Feel that this energy is flowing upwards from your feet.
  4. Let what is happening happen and just pay attention to it.This process continued for 20 -25 minutes
  5. This process continued for 20 -25 minutes.
  6. Your attention will be focused on only one thing.
  7. You can download the voice of birds from the internet and you can focus your mind only on sitting in a quiet place.

Meditation means that no human being can easily do it at once. So do not lose courage just by doing it on the first day. Only after 6-7 consecutive days will your attention be focused on one thing and slowly its benefits will start showing. So do not leave it in the middle for just 1-2 days. If possible, take only 15-20 minutes for yourself