Khechari Mudra

Khechari Mudra is a pose of Yogasadhana. In this posture, both the mind and the tongue are centered towards the sky, For the practice of this mudra, an attempt is made to sit in Padmasana, stabilizing the vision between the two eyebrows, then reversing the tongue and putting it in the back foraging with the palate. In this place both the mind and the tongue are situated in the ‘sky’, that is why it is called ‘Khechari’ posture. Human beings do not get any type of disease through its means.

For this it is necessary to increase the tongue. The law is found to increase the tongue by pressing it with an iron spill. In the Kaul Marg, khechari mudra is symbolically called ‘beef eating’. The meaning of ‘gau’ is the sense or tongue and reversing it from the palate is called ‘devouring’. Human tongue (tongue) is of two types – long and short. The long tongue is called snake tongue. Due to the long tongue of some people, they can easily apply it on the nasal body and can do khechari-mudra. But one who has short tongue has to face problems. First of all, they have to lengthen their tongue and for that they have to resort to friction and tapping. The pulse with which the tongue is attached to the underside has to be cut. It may also take a few years for the necessary stimulation to prove the khechari mudra and the secretion of nectar. It also depends on the qualification of the person. There are some postures in yoga that are practiced only by yogis. Common people should not do this. Khechari Mudra is considered for seekers.

How To Do Khechari Mudra

  • Method-For this, the flesh fibers connecting the tongue and palate are cut slowly, that is, one day barley is cut and left. Then after three to four days, a little bit more is cut.

In this way, by cutting a little bit, the blood veins of that place make their place inwards. With the cutting of the tongue, it is practiced to pull out slowly every day.

By practicing this, the tongue becomes so long in a few months that if it is allowed to return upside down, it closes the breathing holes from within. By this, the movement of breath at the time of samadhi is completely stopped.

Benefits of khechari mudra

This mudra helps to prove Pranayama and helps in healing. This Mudra is considered very beneficial for the practicing Sages.

SPECIALITY OF KHECHARI MUDRA – When the tongue becomes long by continuous practice, then it can be inserted into the nasal cavities. In this way, meditation is stimulated in some glands related to cranial route and point eruption. As a result of which the secretion of nectar starts. There is a special kind of spiritual experience while secreting the same nectar. This experience leads to rapid progress in accomplishment and samadhi. and it is best mudra for health and welth.