Ohm Meditation

This meditation is also called Mantra meditation. The word ohm has been considered very important in Hinduism. It is said that mere words of ohm bring peace and concentration in the mind.

different to popular belief, chanting of Om is not necessarily a spiritual symbol. In short, it is a basic sound, which produces some vibration in the human body. The sound of Ohm – in the stomach and produces the vibration of  in the chest produces a vibration in the nasal. Some people believe that Chanting of Om improves concentration possibly the mind is unstable for the first time, but it can be focused with regular meditation. Concentrating can reduce stress and anxiety According to some medical findings this mantra meditation will help within lowering blood pressure and can improve heart health. By setting time every day for this meditation, a feeling of peace will be felt. It is beneficial for people stuck in daily routine and can avoid sadness. Many yoga classes often start with the mantra of Ohm. If focused before any exercise, body movements can be improved. Sitting in a Kamaalasana can improve posture and improve spine alignment.

In space and atmosphere around the solar system, the noise that is being made by the motion of planets is the high point of the sound of ohm There is a regular sound inside the universe. Meditation by the subtle senses can cause this feeling.

Due to its prevalence everywhere, this sound ohm has been given the name of God. He who knows the meaning of 7 knows himself and he who knows himself knows God. Therefore, knowledge of 7 is excellent. All the Vedas also have lectures of ohm words. When sages, ascetics and meditators heard in a deep state of meditation, they realized that there is a sound that is heard continuously, both inside and outside the body. Everywhere, that sound continues continuously and by listening to it, the mind and soul feel peaceful, so they ohm named that sound. At the beginning of the creation of the universe, a reverberation echoed Ohm and its echo spread throughout the universe. There is also a legend in the Puranas that Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma appeared with this word. Therefore Ohm is called the seed of all mantras and the mother of sounds and words. It is also said about this mantra that, by regular pronunciation of the word Ohm, the soul present in the body awakens and gets rid of disease and stress. Even chanting Ohm Mantra is considered very beneficial by science and medical tests. Professor J. Research and Institute of Neuro Science Morgan and his colleagues studied the effects of the ‘Ohm’ mantra for seven years.

In his study, he found that people suffering from heart and brain diseases got great benefit by chanting Ohm Mantra. The chanting of Ohm Mantra revives many dead cells present in the body, making it very beneficial in severe to severe movements.

How to Do Ohm Meditation

  • To do ohm meditation, get up before sunrise and take daily action, bath etc.
  • Put a mat or clean cloth in a clean and peaceful place and sit in a state of happiness.
  • Now close the eyes and chant the mind and chant OHM words.
  • Initially do some time slowly and then increase the time.
  • After doing this you will feel at peace and get rid of stress.

Method 1

:Waking up early in the morning and retiring regularly, should recite Ohm sound.�is pronounced Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana,sukhasana.�sit in Vajrasana posture and You can pronounce it 5, 7, 10, 21 times according to your time. You can pronounce it loudly or slowly at your convenience.ohm You can also chant with garland.

Method 2

In this method we have a way of focusing on the third eye i.e. the center of the head. The sound of Ohm has a magical effect on the meditation method. While doing this, sit comfortably and keep your brain free from thoughts and stress. After this, try to focus on the middle part of your eyebrows and believe that there is light at this place. After that, chant Om as long as your breath allows you.

Benefits Of Ohm Meditation

  • From the spiritual point of view, it is believed that if the person chants the Ohm mantra regularly, one’s body and mind remain pure, as well as mental peace. With the chanting of Ohm mantra, man tries to reach closer to God.
  • All mantras are pronounced with the combined effect of the air coming out of the tongue, lips, palate, teeth, throat and lungs. The sound emanating from it hits all the chakras of the body and hormones secreting glands. By controlling the secretion of these glands, diseases can be overcome.
  • It is an utterance whose constant effort we can concentrate the body and mind. Heartbeat and blood circulation are fine. It cures mental illnesses. Working power starts increasing. Both the pronunciation and the hearer are benefited. It is very important to take care of purity in its pronunciation.
  • One great benefit of chanting the Ohm Mantra is that it removes the unintentional fears that come to the mind and increases the courage of the person and the goal.
  • Professor Harbert Benson of Harvard University said in a research that chanting Ohm is also beneficial in AIDS disease. Not only this, chanting it also removes the problem of infertility.

Spirituals Relation of Ohm Meditation

according to Hindu mythology, Ohm or Omkar; Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (protector) and Shiva (liberator) symbolize. The chanting of ohm develops the divine energy (Shakti) of God within us. The sound of ohm is believed to be the Bijamantra or the first sound of the universe. Therefore, by chanting this mantra, we become one with nature.