Shambhavi Mahamudra

Our body gets a lot of benefit by practicing yoga postures. Some mudra are easy to do and some are difficult. But all types of mudra only give benefits. In the last few articles, we had learned about palm posture and some of its variant. In today’ we are telling you about Shambhavi Mudra.

shambhavi mahamudra is also called the  Lord Shivamudra. When this mudra is done for a long time, then you start feeling very sleepy. After performing this mudra, the seeker can do meditation by staying in the conscious state on a pedestal for hours.When this Shambhavi Yoga is done, both eyes climb up in the brain and divine light is also visible.

Shambhavi mudra not only makes the body strong, you can also keep the mind stable with it. Makes your eyes strong too. Along with this, it is also helpful in removing stress. During Shambhavi mudra, the body is sleeping with eyes open. Meditation remains focused on one thing and the mind becomes calm. If you are feeling tired and irritable, then this pose will help you.

One who has the third eye open, he is able to understand the signs of the future. Shambhavi mudra opens our third eye, thereby opening the doors of our deepest consciousness. Regular practice of this mudra activates delta waves in the brain, which makes the mind completely calm. The communication between the left and right parts of the brain is established, which signals future events. With the eyes facing down, look at the middle of both eyebrows. In this sequence, the eyelids should be very stable. If it is mandatory to blink an eyelid, then blink very slowly and then come to a half-posture.

How to do Shambhavi Mahamudtra

  • It is best to have your hands in Gyan mudra position when practicing Shambhavi mahamudra kriya.
  • Sit comfortably with good posture and place your hands on your knees.
  • Briefly shut your eyes then reopen them and focus your gaze on a fixed spot.
  • Look up high but without moving your head.
  • Focus your gaze on the spot in the middle of your eyebrows and concentrate on this area. Meditate on it. Let go of thoughts, as you would in regular meditation. You should be see your eyebrows as a V shape, with your gaze fixed in the middle of the V.
  • While maintaining this focus, chant OM. Meditate on the sound of OM reverberating around the spot you are gazing at.
  • Do not strain your eyes. They should be relaxed at all times.
  • Continue for five minutes.
  • Close your eyes but keep your gaze on that same spot in the middle of the eyebrows.
  • 9Chant OHM slowly while meditating on the sound.
  • Begin to make each individual OM last longer. You should be breathing deep through your nose.
  • During Shanbhavi Mudra, your eyelids should not blink and yes, your eyes should not be all fixed towards one object, which is prone to misleading.
  • Do this Mudra for a few seconds in the initial days. That is, as soon as your ability to concentrate and control your thoughts is developed, keep increasing the time limit for doing this Mudra.
  • Continue for five minutes.

Benefits of Shambhavi Mahamudra

  • Enhances mental and emotional health
  • This reduced the risk of heart disease and improved the functioning of the heart.
  • In case of complex and chronic diseases, the intensity of the disease and the decrease in the use of drugs: More than 500 people said that the intensity of the disease in them has improved and dependence on drugs has decreased.
  • Reduction in menstrual problems: A study done on women suffering from menstrual problems showed that the symptoms of Shambhavi Mahamudra are more painful due to the flow of blood, irregular menstruation, irritability, frequent mood changes. Improved. There was also a decrease in the need for medical treatment and surgery in menstrual disorders.
  • Improvement in quality of sleep.
  • Improving Attention Ability.

Shambhavi mudra is a powerful action to awaken the command cycle. Let me tell you that the command cycle is the center connecting the lower and higher consciousness. Not only will you get physical benefits from this posture, in addition to this mudra also makes your eyes nervous. Not only this, this mudra keeps your mind and mind calm. That is, if you feel stressed about something, then with the help of this mudra you can reduce your stress. As already mentioned, this posture is very special because under it the person is sleeping and enjoying meditation even with eyes open. Through its yoga posture, you can also relieve yourself from a disease like depression.


Yoga Yoga always emphasizes that you do any yoga, do it under the supervision of experts. Because time is very important in every yoga activity, from posture to posture. The same is also under Shambhavi Mudra. However this practice is extremely simple and safe. Women and girls of this age group can do it. This yoga pose is very beneficial for men also. Bavajdu take some precautions while doing this asana. Do the things mentioned for Shambhavi Mudra slowly. Do not try to make haste.

If you have some kind of physical problem and you feel pain while doing this mudra then do not do this asana. Keep in mind that it is advisable to do this asana only after the age of 7 years. Do not force small girls to do this asana mudra. Also do not perform this mudra while wearing glasses. And yes, if your stomach is not clean then you will not be able to concentrate in this posture. This means that before doing this exercise clean your stomach so that you can concentrate well. If you do this mudra under some yoga, it will be beneficial for you.

Increased quality of awareness, alertness and comfort: EEG studies have shown that just 21 minutes of daily exercise reduces stress and anxiety and increases mental alertness, ability to focus, and self-awareness…