Shankha Mudra

A good voice attracts everyone else. If the voice is good, then personality also improves. With a great voice you can impress everyone, because everyone loves to hear a good voice. Is your voice too heavy or too hoarse? Do you get sore? This problem often causes embarrassment among friends and family. So there is no need to be upset. Many people have this problem. Especially in men or boys of old age. You can get rid of this problem easily. For this, you have to practice a particular posture daily. The name of this mudra is Shankha mudra.

Many complex problems have been treated with the help of yoga science. Yoga science also includes many yogasanas and mudras. Mudras are a very precious gift given to us by Indian sages. Mudras help in making the body and mind pure, healthy and strong. One of these shankha mudras is also very important yoga posture. Practicing this mudra benefits in many ways. Let us know the right way to practice Shankha Mudra and its benefits

The thumb is believed to represent the fire element. And the pressure of the fingers around it controls the body’s bile. In the shankha Mudra, the pressure of the thumb of one hand is on the palm of the other hand and the bent fingers of the other hand are on the cushion below the thumb of the same hand. Due to which this pressure affects the navel and throat glands.

How to do Shankha Mudra

To do Shankha Mudra, close the thumb of the left hand with the fist of both hands and close it, then join the index finger of the left hand with the thumb of the right hand. In this way, the Shankha becomes the mudra. In this pose like in the photo, light pressure is applied on the closed fingers of the right hand by adjacent to the remaining three fingers of the left hand. Just like this, a shankha Mudra is made by turning the hand, ie by closing the thumb of the right hand in the fist of the left hand

Benefits of Shankha Mudra

The practice of Shankha Mudra cures children’s speech, stuttering, strangulation and many other voice (voice) defects. This mudra can be performed by children or adults at rest. The shankha Mudra is related to the navel chakra, so there is a significant effect on the nervous system of the body. Apart from this, there are following benefits of doing shankha Mudra.Music makes the voice of people who practice meditation melodious.

Eliminates voice related and throat (pharyngeal) problems.

Heals restlessness and excitement.

Regulates allergic disorders, especially urticaria.

It makes the nerves (nervous system) and digestive system strong.

Doing it regularly helps to increase appetite.


People who have problems with phlegm and vata etc. should not do this posture for a long time. Conch mudra can be done at any time. It can be practiced 10 to 15 minutes daily, 30 to 45 minutes three times a day.