Surabhi Mudra

The real meaning of yoga is – a mode that takes us above the body. The state above the body is to live at the level of the mind. Above the mind – above the heart and heart – to be located in the soul. Not only are the postures useful in healing, they are also helpful in moving towards the highest dimensions of energy i.e. meditation and samadhi. This reveals the person’s real existence. He can live a happy life by protecting himself from getting sick. The two postures are particularly useful in this. Yoga expert Kumar Radharaman says that Ayurveda holds that all diseases are the result of imbalance of phlegm, bile and air. Surabhi Mudra is the only mudra that mitigates these three doshas. This awakens Kundalini Shakti and all digestive diseases are cured. Stubborn and negative thoughts are overcome and sattvic thoughts flourish in the mind.


How To Do Surabhi Mudra

  • Join the index finger of one hand and the middle of the middle of the other hand and the index finger of the other hand with the top of the middle finger of the first hand. Then mix the finger of the first hand with the pinky of the second hand and the ring of the ring of the ring of the second hand with the junior of the first hand. Keep both the rings separate. Palms face down..
  • Doing this 45 minutes every day removes all the negative thoughts that come to mind. You feel good mentally


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