Vajra Mudra

Vajra mudra is the only posture that can be done immediately after having a meal or snack. Vajra mudra practice is very beneficial for health. Vajra mudra can be easily done by people of all ages. This welfare posture is called Diamond Pose in English. This mudra can be done at any time of the day Vajra means hard / strong. Vajra mudra is said to be an excellent mudra for improving the blood flow in the body and increasing the digestive system. Performing thunderstorms daily makes the thighs and knees strong. Performing Vajra mudra exercises all the nerves from the lower back to the feet. And the uneasiness that occurs after eating a lot of food is overcome by performing Vajramudra. Vajra mudra helps in increasing blood circulation in your body. This can also reduce the discomfort caused by low blood pressure in the body. Apart from this, it gives energy to the body and helps you to quit smoking, tea and coffee. Practicing this mudra keeps your mind calm and bad thoughts do not come.

How Long

Vajra mudra can also be done on an empty stomach in the morning and can be done after meals. In the beginning, Vajra mudra should be done for three to five minutes. It can also be done for longer (up to ten minutes) once the exercise is increased. (Note – Do not sit in Vajra mudra until the feet start hurting or you have back pain).

How To Do Vajra Mudra

  • First of all, sit on the mat or your bed in Sukhasana posture. Let me tell you that it is very important to sit comfortably for doing this mudra.
  • Now spread both your hands in front of the chest near the heart chakra and wrap the index finger of your other hand with the fist of one hand.
  • Your other fingers should be under the fist.
  • While in this position, take slow and deep breaths and feel your breaths.

Benefits of Vajra mudra

  • Performing Vajra mudra helps in reducing the weight of the body. Thigh fat decreases. The shape of the buttocks and thighs is curvy and beautiful. Fat decreases more than belly and waist. And heavy stomach is away.
  • Performing Vajra mudra puts mild pressure on the central part of the stomach and on the intestines, so it is useful to get rid of all the diseases of the stomach easily. Constipation, gas, sour belching, indigestion etc. are removed by this mudra.
  • The problem of high blood pressure is overcome by Vajra mudra. The muscles of the feet become strong. And taking long deep breaths at normal speed during Vajra mudra also benefits the lungs.
  • If a person’s breath has come out due to excess fat and stomach gas, then the stomach starts to get inside in a few days due to such person’s regular Vajra mudra. The use of this mudra can reduce the stomach by one inch in a week. To overcome this problem, one should sit on Vajra mudra for three to five minutes.
  • By doing Vajra mudra, the muscles of the body become flexible. And the body’s metabolism remains healthy. By doing Vajra mudra, the problem of lower back pain goes away.


A person performing Vajra mudra should not do this mudra in haste. Any kind of operation done on ankles, knees, or ankles, they should not do this posture at all. A person with tremor in the bones should not do this mudra. When doing Vajra mudra, you feel dizzy, back pain, ankles start hurting, suffocation or any other jaw pain, then immediately stop practicing this mudra and go to the doctor.