Varun Mudra

Varun means water. This Mudra protects us from all kinds of diseases caused by water scarcity. Our body is made up of five elements. When the balance of water and air element in our body deteriorates, then we start having Vata and Kapha related diseases. Varuna mudra is done to avoid all these diseases. Water has the properties of fluidity and water not only helps in making food liquid, but also creates many different elements from it. If the body does not get water, the body becomes dry and the cells of the body also become dry and the water element provides coolness and activity to the body. Varuna Mudra protects against all kinds of diseases caused by dehydration. Let’s know its benefits, how to do it.

How To Do Varun Mudra

  • First of all, spread a mat on the ground and sit on it in Padmasana or Siddhasana, making sure that your spine is straight.
  • Now put both your hands on your knees and the palms should be towards the sky.
  • Then you touch the knuckle above the smallest finger (junior) with the tip of the thumb and press it slightly and keep the remaining three fingers straight.
  • Should concentrate on breathing. Breathing is normal during exercise.
  • In this state, it should remain for at least 24 minutes.
  • If you practice it everyday then you will get good results. Practicing this mudra in the morning and in the evening is more fruitful. It is best to practice Varuna Mudra for a maximum of 24-24 minutes in the morning and evening.

Benefits of Varun mudra

  • When the stomach gets filled with water, it is called ascites.
  • When the lungs are filled with water, it is called pleurosy.
  • Fill the hands and feet with water anywhere.
  • If swelling occurs anywhere in the body, do this pose.
  • Use this mudra when water is running from the nose, water is running from the eyes, diseases of cyanus, and mucus gets filled in the lungs.
  • Filaria develops in many parts of India, especially Bihar, Assam. The feet swell. This Mudra will benefit.
  • In the same way, when the elephant becomes legs and feet become swollen like an elephant, then this mudra should be used. Apply this mudra for half an hour to 45 minutes.
  • Regular practice of this communicates continuity in the seeker’s actions.
  • This mudra destroys all diseases caused by water scarcity.

Varuna mudra is beneficial in pain of nerves, inflammation of intestines.

  • If it is practiced regularly then the blood gets purified.
  • The problem of over-sweating ends.
  • This posture makes the body flexible along with maintaining the youth of the body.
  • It maintains the balance of the water element of the body.
  • Prevents enteritis and nervous pain and shrinkage.
  • This pose also makes the skin beautiful.
  • Blood circulation in the body is better.
  • This posture is helpful in balancing blood circulation, relieving dermatitis, eliminating anemia.
  • Youth keeps Varun Mudra for a long time and old age does not come soon.
  • Regular practice of this mudra removes dryness of the body.


People with phlegmatic, cold, cold should not practice this pose for long. You can do this mudra for 24-24 minutes in the morning in summer and other seasons.