Vipassana Meditation

See what you are seeing and whether you are watching consciously or mechanically? Look how people around the world are living in the faint of thoughts and emotions. Living in thoughts like effigies Never keep distance from everyone and observe them. Vipassana dissolves sleepiness by making you aware of your own situation. Then you cannot live mechanically. Vipassana is an ancient meditation method revived by Lord Buddha. It is the only miracle meditation method through which most people have attained enlightenment or attained enlightenment. We do not want to make any comment on the prevailing form of Vipassana at present. Vipassana is an effective method of introspection. This leads to self-purification. It is a mixed form of pranayama and witnessing. Actually, it is only part of witnessing. Rishis and sages have been doing this meditation method since time immemorial. Lord Buddha made it the simplest. According to this method one has to watch his breath and be aware of it. Seeing means feeling his movement.

How to do Vipassana Meditation

  • Vipassana is a very simple experiment. Witnessing your breathing. In the initial practice, in any situation while getting up, sleeping, talking, or in silence, just feel the movement of the breath in the nostrils. As such, till now you did not pay attention to your breath but now naturally see her movement in a witnessing manner or feel that she left the breath and took it. The gap between breathing and leaving, Notice that too easily. Do not do this forcibly. Simply, whenever attention comes, shutting everything down and focusing on it is Vipassana.

Apart from breathing, in the second step you also see in between that one thought came and went, another came. This anger came and went. Not to be included at any cost. Just watch silently that any action and reactions happen in your mind, brain and body.

  • Vipassana is not a method, but nature: there is no need to do any kind of frills or to be in solitude to do Vipassana. This can be practiced well only by staying in crowds and noises. Riding a bike, sitting in a bus, traveling in a train, traveling in a car, keep doing this method anywhere along the road, at the shop, in the office, in the market, at home and lying on the bed and anyone knows You will not do that you are meditating.

Benefits of Vipassana Meditation

  • It removes tension. Negative and meaningless thoughts do not come. Peace always remains in the mind. By keeping the mind and brain healthy, it also affects the body. All the anguish of the body disappears and the body begins to be healthy. The biggest benefit of this is that if you keep doing it continuously, then self-interviewing takes place and the achievements are proved automatically.


Why To Do Vipassana Meditation

The breath between body and soul is the bridge that not only controls our thoughts and emotions but also keeps our body alive. Breathing is life. Osho says that if you keep watching the breath properly, then inevitably you will start knowing yourself differently than the body. The one who will see the breath is different from the breath, and the one who is different from the breath is different from the body. Release from the body, release from the breath, then eternal vision is seen. In that vision there is flight, height, depth itself. The rest are neither heights in the world, nor are there any depths in the world. The rest is a disgrace in vain.